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Avail Solutions is a world-class technical consulting and solutions provider located in Northern Virginia. Our highly skilled employees deliver solutions that enable our customers to maintain and strengthen the National Security of the United States. We specialize in cloud-based technologies, data science and analytics, systems engineering, and enterprise architecture.

About Us

What's in the name? To us, quite a bit.

Avail [uh-veyl] (verb) - to be of use; have force or efficacy; serve; help.

Solutions [suh-loo-shuh ns] (noun) - particular instances or methods of solving; explanations or answers.

Some try. We avail. We avail solutions.

  • Deliver technical consulting solutions that enable our customers to maintain and strengthen the National Security of the United States.

  • Take care of our country. Take care of our community. Take care of our own.

  • Service - Our customers' needs are our needs. We work selflessly and with humility.
    Loyalty - We are grateful to our customers. We are grateful to our partners. In turn, we have their backs.
    Commitment - We are there in the beginning. We are there in the middle. We are there in the end.
    Integrity - We do it the right way. Honor. Trust. Dignity. It is who we are.
    Innovation - We are called to sensible creativity. Sensible in that we respect reality; creative in that we always challenge the status quo.


Meet The Leadership Team

At Avail, our proven leadership team has extensive experience in solution delivery.

Scott Mitchell

Chief Executive Officer

Jason Casely-Hayford


Manny Sands

VP, Corporate Operations

Dan Carter

Chief Technology Officer

Bill Criss

Director of Information Technology

Ed Glanfield

Chief Data Officer

Abby Champagne

Chief Operations Officer


At Avail, we provide end-to-end solution engineering and modernization for our customers.

Systems Engineering

We will help you understand and capture your needs, provide you with alternatives, and engineer the optimum solution. We provide lifecycle requirements management.

Enterprise Architecture

We will design your robust Enterprise Architecture to serve as a foundational decision support tool for your enterprise in the now, next, and after next.

Data Science

We will help you maximize the value of your data. We will help you burn the hay and make the needles bigger.

Cloud-Based Solutions

We will help you focus on your true value add by leveraging innovative cloud technologies; reducing your costs while increasing your efficiencies and effectiveness; and optimizing innovative cloud-based solutions to meet specific objectives.

Come join our team.

We have many exciting mid and senior-level Systems Engineers and Enterprise Architects opportunities available in Washington Metro Area (WMA). We currently have roles open at our locations in Maryland (Bethesday) and Virginia (Arlington, Reston, Herndon, Chantilly, and Springfield). Click on the following job descriptions for more details:

At Avail Solutions, we are able to take care of our customers because we first take care of our own. We are much more than a company, we are a family. To our family, we offer superior salary and benefits. If you are interested, inquire about career possibilities with Avail!

Share your resume with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that previous clients have asked.

  • As part of our market strategy, Avail has both government and commercial customers. We partner extensively to promote the best possible expertise to our customers.

  • We always have an eye out for potential candidates; send us a message in our Contact Us section and we will respond to you ASAP! We are particularly interested in candidates with government-issued clearances.

  • Avail has been in business since early 2018. We have aggressive growth projections and look forward to serving our customers for years to come.

  • If you have additional questions, reach out to us.


We are a small business that values partnerships. Partner with us today!


Northern Virginia


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